BlackWebINT provides a comprehensive WEBINT solution for Open Source Intelligence, Web Intelligence, Cyber Threat Intelligence and Social Listening.

The growing importance of social networks and the Web creates new opportunities but also new threats. The Deep Web and Dark Web are a source of intelligence which has become indispensable for modern intelligence organizations.

BlackWebINT allows investigators to collect information on suspects and targets, enrich existing databases and draw analytical insights from open source information.

The system is able to crawl data from multiple sources including deep web and dark web. An avatar management system allows to further the reach of the system into closed networks and forums.


Key Features

Blackscore - Custom Dashboard

Custom Dashboard

Customized dashboards which update automatically as new data is processed.

Blackscore - Custom Reports

Custom Reports

Create custom reports or develop your own template. Data will automatically be populated into the report, no code required.

Blackscore - Built-in Concept

Built-in Concept

Harness billions of data points, structured and unstructured, to make quick judgement calls.

Blackscore - Adaptable Solution

Adaptable Solution

Adapt the solution to your use-case via APIs, workflow automation, and custom AI models.

Blackscore - Multi-lingual


Multi-lingual full text search.

Blackscore - Pre-built WebINT

Pre-built WebINT

Pre-built WEBINT solution with all required components.

Blackscore - Deep Analytics

Deep Analytics

Deep analytics with drill-down capability.

Blackscore - Automatic Report

Automatic Report

Automatic Report Generation.

Blackscore - Target Profiling

Target Profile

Target Profiling and Surveillance.

Blackscore - Complete Coverage

Complete Coverage

Complete coverage of all popular deep web platforms.

Blackscore - Highly Secure

Highly Secure

Highly secure solution.

Blackscore - Open Architecture

Open Architecture

Open Architecture and easy integration.

Blackscore - Social Engineering

Social Engineering

Blackscore - Built-in Support

Built-in Support

Built-in Support for Darknet.

Blackscore - Powerful Collection

Powerful Collection

Powerful Collection from Closed Groups and Forums.

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