BlackFusion support full intelligence cycle, from planning, through collection, processing, analysis and monitoring to reporting. Has built in support for WEBINT sources, but allows to integrate or cross-reference with SIGINT, HUMINT, and multiple surveillance methods.

BlackFusion provides a data fusion platform linking in multiple sensors and systems to provide a single repository for intelligence activities. It is successfully implemented since 2008 in multiple security agencies, where it is used to perform collection, processing, analysis, case management and reporting.

BlackFusion helps track targets using multiple sensors and capabilities creating a single holistic profile of the target. It allows analysts to seamlessly move between web-based sources, SIGINT and interception, and collection capabilities from end user devices such as mobile phones.


Key Features

Blackscore - Easy Configuration

Easy Configuration

Easy configuration of data sources and data schema. No coding required.

Blackscore - Custom Dashboard

Custom Dashboard

Customized dashboards which update automatically as new data is processed.

Blackscore - Custom Reports

Custom Reports

Create custom reports or develop your own template. Data will automatically be populated into the report, no code required.

Blackscore - Comments and Annotation

Comments and Annotation

Users can add comments and annotation to individual data items. These are published in real time to all connected users.

Blackscore - Support Collaboration

Support Collaboration

Support for collaboration, via sharing of documents, entities, or cases.

Blackscore - Adaptable Solution

Adaptable Solution

Adapt the solution to your use-case via APIs, workflow automation, and custom AI models.

Blackscore - Unified Data Platform

Unified Data Platform

Blackscore - Integrated Data Sources

Integrated Data Sources

Integrate New Data Sources Without Programming.

Blackscore - Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Blackscore - Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection

Blackscore - Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Blackscore - Multimodal Analysis

Multimodal Analysis

Multimodal analysis: Text, Graph-based, Geospatial, Time Series.

Blackscore - Automatic Report

Automatic Report

Blackscore - Custom Alerts

Custom Alerts

Blackscore - Federated Search

Federated Search

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